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Monday, July 11, 2011

Watta Watta

Some more watta colours.


  1. dude these are awesome! Your form is getting waaay better shiiiat! Love the scottish monster. You should give him a kilt. PLEASE! haha.

    Btw dude awesome job on the contest entry. I thought I'd give you a lil' draw over just for some anatomy stuuuuuff man. Remember, I only dig drawing over people's stuff if I dig the drawing. It was really easy to build onto since it was so tight in the first place. Here yaaa goooooo. PS: one thing that really helped me a lot which I never realized before is that only the bicep and lats come out of the armpit. The underside of the arm/ tricep comes out behind the lats. Learned this the hard way through kris anka and thought it might help you haha.

    Oh yeah, the drawover:

  2. awesome man! that actually helps a lot, i was using internet reference, and the scottish monster I might use a design like that for my film! who knows!?